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spAIR tray™ 

The world's first window shelf for extra room on most commercial aircraft window seats.

The revolutionary new solution for more convenient, usable space for airline travelers!

  • 33% more space for window seat air passengers

  • Easy to install and remove... just slides into the window shade track!

  • More space for drinks and snacks.  Allows unencumbered use of seat-back tray for reading or laptop

  • Fits most commercial airline windows

  • Tray size 12 x 4 x .25 inches. Folds to easily fit in any carry-on.

  • Convenient cloth spAIRtray® travel bag slips easily into briefcase, laptop case, backpack, etc.

spare tray, Travel Accessory, flat folding collapsible plane travel tray

Anyone who flies more than once a year should own one of these. I never go on a trip without it. ~ Matt, 2016

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Fly Your Way with the spAIRtray!

Sleekly Designed and simple to install, take your spAIRtray with you anywhere

Plane travel, flight, Southwest, Delta, United, Hawaiian, Alaska airline

Simply unfold the spAIRtray®, insert one end of the back plate low in the alignment channel for the window’s sun visor and slide the other end into the channel on the other side of the window.  Adjust to level out the tray and… Voilà!  You now have a space to place phones, glasses, e-reading devices, drinks & snacks.

Shelf aware:  D
o not use spAIRtray® in the exit aisle, or during taxi, take-off, or landing.

Travel gadget, tablet, phone, laptop, workspace, business, in-flight work
For those that feel confined by having the standard tray table in their lap, now you are able to stretch out a little more by putting the tray table up yet still having a place to stow your drinks and travel gadgets on the spAIRtray®.
Exotic travel destination, getaway, vacation, luxury
The spAIRtray® allows you to rummage through your briefcase, or walk about the plane, while your drink stays secure on the non-slip pad.  
frequent flyer, business travel, tourisim, travel agent, travel essential

Shelf respect:  spAIRtray® is washable in warm soapy water.  

Machine washing is not recommended, especially for the non-slip pad.
​While spAIRtray® will not claim to be germ free, at least you know where your spAIRtray®  has been; who knows what the airplane tray tables have seen or the last time they were cleaned.

quality innovation, worplace, business, city travel, organized, sleek, modern design

If you have questions regarding use of the spAIRtray® on a specific airline, we encourage you to reach out to the airline in question prior to your flight. 

necessity, portable, ultra, amenity, gift, convenient, lightweight, device

"This invention is fabulous! I have found it indispensable. The SpAIRtray fit perfectly into the window groove and held my cup and glasses as I rummaged through my purse throughout the flight retrieving snacks, book, lip gloss, etc. I could put my head down on the tray and sleep with my drink and glasses safely stowed on my spAirtray. The spAirtray would also be a solution for working on a laptop with items within easy reach.

Bravo for your innovation! " 

~ Gabi, 2016

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Shelf improvement:  Please let us know what you think, we're always working on ways to make our shelf better.

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Airline Tray Accessory, spAIRtray, simple, gift, vacation
Great Promotional Gift
with your private label or company logo!

Best Gift!

I was given a spair tray as a gift and I absolutely love it. It is so convenient and easy to set up. I have given one to anyone that I know as a gift. This is the best gift to get and give. This is one of my favorite gifts so far. Don't hesitate to buy this, it will not disappoint.

    ~ Janet, 2016

Now available at PLANEWEAR
in SEA-TAC airport. 

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