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Press Release:

Feb 15, 2018

spAIRtray Press Release

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On my flight back from CES I was able to give the tray a quick try. "Installing" it takes just a few seconds. Now, the space on the tray, in a cramped coach seat, it could be an enormous help. The company did a careful review of TSA and FAA requirements, and says you should have no trouble using it in flight.

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Wander GOGO

You don’t have much room in the economy class seats on a plane. Honestly, you don’t have a whole lot of room to maneuver in first class either. I’m talking about usable space. The spAIR Tray allows you to open up the backseat tray and use the full space for whatever you need [it] can hold drinks, snacks, glasses, accessories, phones and tablets, and much more.


A real game changer for passengers looking to improve their air travel experience, spAIRtray increases your window seat space ... this clever, foldable device packs effortlessly into your carry-on and it’s ridiculously easy to install – just insert it into the window shade track and you have a nice non-slip travel shelf to keep your phone, drinks, and favorite book at your fingertips.

Practical Travel Gear

As a frequent traveler (and avid window seat guy), I give this clever invention two big thumbs up. The spAIR tray is the niftiest new gadget  . . . this is a go-to gadget that will now always be in my carry-on bag. 

Flyer Talk

Despite the prototype’s humble appearance, the original spAir Tray drew rave reviews from those onboard, with a flight attendant proclaiming, “That’s the coolest looking thing I’ve seen in 25 years of flying.”

The Wandering Sant

Even as I write this article, turbulence is no match for the tray.  My drink, snacks, and external battery pack to charge my phone are all safely anchored down and haven’t moved an inch.

Mr. and Mrs. Howe

I’m not a fan of many of these travel gadgets that pop up all over the place these days, as there are so many of them that try to create solutions to problems that don’t really exist, but I can actually see myself using the spAIRtray while I’m travelling. I know that I have had this issue myself and this is a product that can improve my air travel experience, so I’m giving the spAIRtray my ‘thumbs up’ and I’m sure we’ll be seeing them on planes all over the world!

The Gadgeteer

This product not only has a genius product name, but it’s also a genius design for a product

HI Travel Tales

The spAIRtray is so amazing and innovative, while remaining so simple. Thus, we simply had to bestow our HITT Seal of Approval.

View From the Wing - Boarding Area

It gives you a place to put your drink so you don’t have to take up existing tray space which you might be using to work on your laptop.