I took my spAIRtray on a month-long trip to France, Spain, Italy and Germany. It fit in the limited space of my carry-on bag, and worked on every plane I flew on; from prop-planes to jumbo-jets. I love my spAIRtray, and always keep it  in my carry-on for my next tip!

         - Giselle B., October 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What planes does the spAIRtray fit on?

spair tray, compatible, chart

Click to enlarge the chart that shows which planes  are compatible with the spAIRtray.

 We are always interested to see what planes you have taken the spAIRtray on; please contact us if you see a plane missing from our chart.

What do Flight Attendants think?

I've had almost every Flight Attendant comment on how neat it was. In the last 50 or so flights I've used it: four asked where they could get one for themselves and only one objected. Said she had "just never seen one before and wanted to make sure it wasn't a safety risk. It's actually really neat!" - N. Orlando, June 2017

What is the FAA's position on the spAIRtray?

The Federal Aviation Administration does not prohibit passenger comfort items such as the spAIRtray. - FAA Inspector DK Deaderick

Can I still use the window shade while the tray is installed?

Does the tray interfere with the reclined seat in front of you?

The window shade slides all the way to the top of the back-plate, which, effectively, serves as the rest of the window shade. You may have a tiny sliver of light, depending on which model of plane you're on - depending on the shape of the window, but I've not had it be an issue... on hundreds of flights. - A&K, June 2017


Not at all. The tray is attached to the window, not the seat.  - M. E. Brown, April 2017

Is the grip-pad sticky or magnetic?

Neither, it's just really grippy. - J. Howe, June 2017

I can actually see myself using the spAIRtray while I’m travelling. This is a product that can improve my air travel experience, so I’m giving the spAIRtray my ‘thumbs up’ and I’m sure we’ll be seeing them on planes all over the world!

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