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Customer Reviews

I love this product!

I'm no longer scrambling to pick up my iPod, when it would slide off my leg. Front tray is out of the way because I have a place for my beverage. I've had several flight attendants ask where to get one!

    ~ Judith, 2017

weekend travel, quick getaway, carry-on bag

High quality travel accessory

I am a minimalist when traveling on weekend or extended weekend trips. It is a goal to try to keep my carry on as light and uncluttered as possible. I love how this packs light and flat in my backpack to the point that it is almost unnoticeable then unfolds to easily slip into my window giving me additional space for my phone, drink and glasses. More useful than I ever imagined. Have used on Southwest, Jetblue, American, Alaska, Delta and United without issue. Great gift and must have for the frequent flyer. Once you use it, you won't be able to travel without it.​

    ~ D. Sara 2016

airplane window tray, phone, drink, view, glasses, airplane travel comfort, space

I don't leave home without it!

So that I never forget, I permanently keep the spAIR Tray in my carry on bag at home. It is flat, light weight without added bulk. Using my spAIR Tray removes all the clutter on my drop down tray. My seating area feels more spacious. Now who wouldn't want that when flying!

    ~ V. 2016

comfort, luxury, space, electronics, in-flight

If you travel you NEED this.

The SpAIR tray has literally changed my travel experience. I am somewhat of an over packer so I constantly have phone chargers, books and all manner of devices with me when I travel. Having the spAir tray has allowed me to travel without constantly having things on my lap or having to put the tray table down. Its perfect!     ~ Eric P. 2016

airplane shelf atravel gadget, unique, innovative, awesome, best sellet, must-have
vacation, bag, briefcase slim carry-on, easy, functional, clean
student, travel, spring break, vacation, holiday trip, helpful, compact

I can work on my flight

It is small and light and slid right into my backpack I am in graduate school and work full time so I try to spend every ounce of time on any flight on my computer getting work done, but my computer always takes up my whole tray making it awkward when they bring drinks and snacks so I end up downing my drink and snack quickly or turning them away. I am able to relax and enjoy the refreshments while still being productive!

    ~ K. 2016

coffee, drink, beverage space, turbulence, no-spill, rubber grip, anti-slip

    My Office in the Sky 

As someone who flies every week, I need to get work done while on the plane. Imagine, though, that you have the computer out, and the flight attendant brings coffee. Where do you put it? I used to try to balance it on the armrest or juggle it between hands -- awkward! The spAIR tray saves the day. I can set my coffee on it, hang my glasses up, keep my phone accessible, and focus on getting to work. It's not too often that a truly innovative product comes along like the spAIR tray. I love it and take it on every trip!

    ~ J. Hunton, 2016

business travel, workspace, plane, airport, travel ammenity, modern design
sp air tray, top travel accessory, best ammenity, gift, wanderlust,
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